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An installation carried out by PROTECH GUTTERS is a gutter and valley protection system entirely sealed regardless of the material used: Polymer, Fibreglass, Aluminium, and Stainless Steel are all sealed around the hip, flushing and capping as well as the entire length of any valleys.


Our technique insures a strong hold for the mesh onto the roof and eliminates the risk of eventually having sections of mesh leaf guard lifting away, (due to the intense effects of our harsh Australian weather), allowing debris to get caught and enter the system over time. Our leaf guard system and quality installation gives you long lasting piece of mind.


Easy on your privacy - Leaf Guard


During the leaf guard installation we do not require any internal access, unless you prefer to be home, in which case our visit will offer little disturbance. Only roof and side access are needed.


See the before and after photos of a leaf guard application below.

What makes a Leaf Guard work best?


A gutter protection system relies on a number of things to perform well.


It relies on the wind to clear the leaves falling off trees that may sit on the mesh. Leaves twigs and bark are more likely to sit on a low pitch roof, a stronger wind will be needed to clear debris on lower pitch when a roof with steeper pitch requires only a light breeze.


In the case of a "flat roof" unfortunately debris will stay and may build up due to the lack of slope, those roof types may need to be serviced periodically even if the leaf guard is preventing debris from entering the gutters.


Another important parameter is the water flow into the gutters, it is crucial that the gutters of your home /building have been installed in such a way that the rain water is flowing easily into the down pipe, the greater the flow the better it is! - Why? During dry days, dust and very small particles accumulate on your roof. When the first rain comes it is all washed down into the gutters, with a good water flow, all of it is flushed into the down pipe keeping your gutters always clean. On the contrary when the water is not flowing properly or not at all, a build up of dirt will eventually occur in the gutters and then a periodic flush will be needed.


The installation of a gutter protection system is as important as the product used, the leaf guard installation should be adapted to the configuration of the roof, for example: tile or metal, pitch. Gutter protection systems that do not cover roof valleys may well give you trouble where the valley meets the gutter (blockage of live) and this could force rain water into the roof cavity.


, (when possible), will let you know prior to the leaf guard installation if there is any such critical area on your roof giving you the opportunity to take further action should you decide to do so. However it is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure that the gutters are fitted in a correct way.


Leaf Guard Protection