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Leaf Free Aluminium

Fire and rust proof therefore suitable for the water front scene with a small aperture preventing small debris and needle pin clogging up gutters and ensuring good filtration for water collection, a 20 year manufacturer guaranty is offered on this product and it is also rated Fire Proof Index 1 (AS1530.2-1993) by the CSIRO. Suitable and preforming well in any roof profile giving a nice finish, particularly on terracotta tile.

Gutter Protection Materials


Looking for leaf guard, gutter protection system, gutter guard, gutter mesh, and gutter protection? They’re all different names but only serve one purpose, allowing rain water to get in the gutters and enhance the flow of your gutters by stopping debris clogging it.


This is a basic definition of a leaf guard; however gutter protection performances varies depending on material, roof type Vs environment, type of debris.


You will find on this page various type of gutter guard with description of how mesh may perform as gutter protection system.


Diamond Aluminium

High performance quality mesh made of aluminium in popular colour this is a strong gutter protection well suited for any roof profile. Rated flammability index 0 (AS1530.2-1993) by the CSIRO this mesh is therefore highly recommended for fire zone area, how ever it is also largely use in general residential area, selected by customer regarding to its excellent finish and presentation as well as its pricing, it will not buckle over the year with the heat of the sun. Leaf Stopper has apertures of 3mm x 3mm allowing a good water flow and at the same time preventing even small debris entering the gutters. A manufacturer guaranty of 15 year applies to this product*.
Polymer Mesh

Offers a good protection against leaves twigs and bark and come in a range colour it is a popular product largely used in general residential area it is not a fire proof mesh and therefore not usually used in fire risk zone as any plastic product will burn or melt with fire, this product carry out a 10 year manufacturer guaranty*. Due to its popularity this type of mesh is largely copied by some others, marketing a look-a-like product with a very poor resistance to UV resulting in a breakdown of the mesh only in a few months time under Australia's challenging weather conditions. Using a polymer mesh will be a safer choice in product stability and durability.
Leaf Free Stainless Steel

Up market marine grade Stainless Steel 316 for heavy duty weather exposure is a mesh performing very well in any location from water front to bush land propriety, rated Fire Proof Index 1 (AS1530.2-1993) this product will be not affected by corrosion UV light and other elements. Leaf N' Ember is small aperture mesh preventing debris entering the gutters with out stopping heavy rain water, it ensure a good filtration for water collection. The fixing method of this product is excellent as it use the hi-tech glue system and at the same time is mechanically secured by screw on trims and clips resulting to a strong long lasting installation sealed at 100%. Carrying a long 20 year manufacturer guaranty*, this mesh will add a discreet touch of class
Leaf Free Fibreglass

Performing well in any roof design, this is small aperture mesh and a really excellent product for application such Polycarbonate roof, pergola and patio etc... How ever its use on tile roof is common and provides a good filtration for water collection. The hi-tech glue on system of this product ensures a permanent fixing to any roof profile with out drilling. This product is rated Fire Proof Index 5 (AS1530.2-1993) and backed up by the manufacturer with a 5 year guarantee*.